INTREPID Engine Oils are formulated to meet performance requirements for the Service Classification API SN and for Resource Conserving Grades ILSAC GF-5.

Features & Benefits:

• Recommended for all Gasoline/Diesel engines latest warranty requirements of manufacturers around the world, including U.S., Japanese, Korean, and European manufacturers specifying API service SN, SM/CF, ILSAC GF-5

• Suitable for use in the most current ACEA applications

• Exceeds SAE High Temperature/Shear specifications

• Compatible with all conventional and synthetic oils

• Approved for diesel particulate filters (DPF)

• Excellent for TURBO CHARGED gasoline and diesel engines


Premium Semi Synthetic Motor Oil 
Intrepid Syn Blend Motor Oil is formulated from premium synthetic blended base oil stocks and select premium additive packages to provide the vital performance and engine protection required from major engine manufacturers. Intrepid's additive oil package will ensure a cleaner, smoother running engine under extreme working conditions. Intrepid Syn Blend Motor Oils provide engines with an extra layer of protection against common issues like sludging and engine oil consumption.
• Intrepid Syn Blend Oils are formulated from the latest synthetic blended base stocks for outstanding engine performance
• Special additive package provides engines added protection against sludging and oil consumption resulting in a cleaner running engine
• Meets OEM requirements for all gasoline and light duty trucks
• Meets or Exceeds ILSAC GF-5 & API SN Resource Conserving Performance Standards


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