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Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic oils or hydraulic fluids are a source by which power is transferred in hydraulic machinery. They are basically based on mineral or water and are used to improve the performance of excavators, backhoes, hydraulic brakes, power steering systems, garbage trucks, lifts and industrial machinery.

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 As hydraulic fluid is the medium to transfer power in hydraulic equipment, it is important for the users to know the actual properties and its influence on the performance of the machines.  To know the properties like viscosity and operating temperature range of fluids, there needs to be standardization of hydraulic fluids. The foundation of hydraulics is the property value of liquids within engineering science of mechanics. It is the use of pressurized liquids that is responsible for the manageability, the production and the broadcast of power and energy. This is a scientific application of hydraulic oil and hydraulics. It is a millennia old as it dates back to the ancient civilizations.

Some of the earliest forms of hydraulics include the water power such as the Roman Aqueduct System and the Ancient Egyptian Irrigation System. In ancient Sri Lanka, China used waterwheels in order to power the water valves and the furnace bellows. These are just a couple of examples of how free surface hydraulics were used. Free flowing bodies of water, such as lakes and rivers, were used. The open channel flow is actually on offshoot of this application as it also uses open channels of water, such as the open oceans.

The Middle East produced further inventions within the hydraulics field introducing the constructs of water powered clockworks and automatic machinery. In the 11th century B.C.E. Ibn Bassal gave us the mechanical flywheel that allowed for more regulation in the flow and delivery of power through machines. His water raising machinery made use of a crankshaft and connector rod and hydro powered chain pumps. Modern era hydraulics is based on the 17th century book “On the Measurement of Running Waters” by Galileo’s disciple Castelli. In the same century Pascal introduced hydrodynamics and hydrostatics with the invention of they hydraulic press.

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Hydraulic fluids that are generally used are water and mineral based, such as hydraulic oil. Within the transmission, power steering and the brakes of your car, you will see such hydraulic fluids being used. In addition, they are used in commercial trucks, heavy machinery and in aircraft. All of the different hydraulic fluids will have their own specific application for the performance of the machinery.

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For instance, a medium used for power transfer and control will have low compressibility, fast air release and low volatility. There are mediums for heat transfer that have thermal capacities and lubricants have varying levels of viscosity, fluidity and stability based on the ultimate purpose of the hydraulic fluid. The ancient base stock was water, and modern day options include a canola oil base for bio-fuels while glycol, esters and silicone are bases for non-organic hydraulic oils.

As of now, there are companies that are using hydraulic oil to make sure that their machinery is properly protected from oxidation and rust and they are equipped with anti-foam properties within the paraffin based stocks. If these measurements were not in place, you would find that the machines would break down more often and that there would be a lot of rust forming. The machines might even stop working all together if the wrong fluid is used. There are hydraulic fluids that will allow for better air release rates.

There are hydraulic fluids that will contain a detergent, which is mostly used for occasions that will call for the machinery to be subjected to a lot of abrasive particles, dust or water. When your machinery is subjected to severe conditions, you are going to want to make sure that you are using the right hydraulic oil. Remember, there are bio-friendly fluids that will work just as well for you as the chemically based ones so there is no reason to fear giving them a try.

When the right hydraulic oil is combined with your equipment, you will be able to prevent premature system failures, corrosion, sludge build-up, equipment damage and blocked mechanics. You will be able to make more money because of this so do make sure that you are doing your research and that you are keeping the right fluid in your machines.

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