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Transmission Oils

Are you looking for a bulk transmission oil supplier or distributor? Best Line Oil offers wholesale pricing on a variety of transmission fluid types and offer delivery to your location, throughout the Southeastern United Sates.

Best Line Oil understands the importance of offering quality transmission
fluid/oils for the automotive and industrial industries. 

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 For most Americans the importance of having dependable transportation is reliant upon the very fluids
in their vehicle's transmission, in addition to the automotive oil, brake fluids, etc and there's little double of it's importance.

The simple fact is our every day convenience of travel depends upon the availability of this important fluid. It literally helps to turn the gears of our daily lives. Many who benefit may not fully appreciate or understand the specific type of transmission fluid required, since there are many different types of transmission fluids on the market today.

Without the guidance of engineers, experts and industry professionals, it can be a confusing market place for many consumers when it comes to selecting the right transmission fluid. We work with our clients to ensure they have access to ordering their desired type and bulk quality of transmission fluid, so they can provide the right transmission fluid needed for each job. We also provide delivery of our transmission fluids throughout the Southeastern United Sates.

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Transmission fluids are available in different grades with each fluid having its own properties and specifications. Consulting a vehicle's owner manual or heavy equipment manual is often the most accurate source for looking up the details regarding the proper transmission oil, but it can still be helpful to know a little about the various types available and the different vehicles which use them.

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Each type of transmission oil has a different fluid specification which means that different additives and ingredients are used in its formula. This is the reason why vehicle manufacturers recommend that you only use specific transmission fluid in your car.

Each fluid specification will only offer the best anti-corrosive, anti-wear and anti-rust properties when it is used on specific makes of automobiles. Generally, transmission fluid properties are beneficial because they help;

• Provide the right amount of viscosity
• Protect and clean metal surfaces
• Condition gaskets
• Extend rotational speed and temperature range
• Prevent foam and oxidation of fluid
• Improve cooling ability and reduce high temperatures
• Extend the life of the fluid

MERCON and DEXRON series are the most notable transmission oil specifications used by car manufacturers nowadays. Apart from these, oil and synthetic based ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluids) are used because they are effective in high temperatures and can also last for long. The different types of transmission oils include:

Type F
This transmission fluid was mostly used in cars in the 1970s. It is no longer being used but was the most preferred transmission oil in the past. Type F did not include friction modifiers which made it ineffective in reducing friction in lubricated parts. You won’t see much of this transmission fluid around unless it’s a vintage vehicle.

This is possibly the most common Automatic Transmission Fluid used today. DEXRON & MERCON fluid series have quite similar standards which is why they are often grouped together. They both contain friction modifiers and many other grades are based on them.

HFM Fluids
Also referred to as Highly Friction Modified, HFM fluids contain friction modifiers. They are consequently used in vehicles that require a lot of friction reduced. Unlike Dexron/Mercon, it provides different friction characteristics and appears under a number of different names.

Synthetic Fluids
Synthetic fluids are commonly used today and are available from aftermarket brands-which closely meet Dexron and Mercon specifications. These fluids offer better performance and service, with improved resistance to friction, heat, shearing, cold and oxidation.

Many manufacturers are nowadays adopting synthetic fluids because they are simply better. Synthetic fluids last longer but cost more.

Best Line Oil stocks a large inventory and variety of transmission fluid to accommodate our clients needs. If you are interested in bulk delivery of our wholesale transmission fluid please contact us today and we will cheerfully provide you with our Best Line service and pricing.

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